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VMworld US Playback URLs: vmworld-us-playback-urls.md

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VxRail root password reset

  • Restart Guest (Not Reset) for VRM VM from vCenter
  • Press “e” at during boot sequence 
User-added image
  • Adding init=/bin/bash as below screen , then press F10
User-added image
  • Try to change password by #passwd   
User-added image
  •  If you get an Authentication token lock busy,  popup,you need to mount the file system     
  • #mount -o remount rw -t ext3 /   
  •  #chmod -v 4711 /usr/bin/passwd     
User-added image
  • Try change password again by #passwd     
User-added image
  •   Exit from VRM Console, then click “Restart Guest” on VRM VM from vCenter.     

Kubernetes/MiniKube on macOS Sierra 10:12

Before you begin, update Brew with :
#Brew update && brew upgrade

Install Minikube:
#Brew cask install minikube

Starting minikube:
#minikube start
😄  minikube v1.2.0 on darwin (amd64)
💿  Downloading Minikube ISO …
 129.33 MB / 129.33 MB [============================================] 100.00% 0s
🔥  Creating virtualbox VM (CPUs=2, Memory=2048MB, Disk=20000MB) …
E0701 16:09:52.739043   97475 start.go:559] StartHost: create: precreate: VBoxManage not found. Make sure VirtualBox is installed and VBoxManage is in the path
💣  Unable to start VM
❌  Error:         [VBOX_NOT_FOUND] create: precreate: VBoxManage not found. Make sure VirtualBox is installed and VBoxManage is in the path
💡  Advice:        Install VirtualBox, ensure that VBoxManage is executable and in path, or select an alternative value for –vm-driver

minikube looking for virutal box, locally i’m using with vmware fusion os we need to tell minikube to use that.
#minikube start –vm-driver vmware

Unable to start VM: new host: Driver “vmware” not found. Do you have the plugin binary “docker-machine-driver-vmware” accessible in your PATH?

To install the latest vmware driver :


#export LATEST_VERSION=$(curl -L -s -H 'Accept: application/json' https://github.com/machine-drivers/docker-machine-driver-vmware/releases/latest | sed -e 's/."tag_name":"([^"])".*/\1/') \

&& curl -L -o docker-machine-driver-vmware https://github.com/machine-drivers/docker-machine-driver-vmware/releases/download/$LATEST_VERSION/docker-machine-driver-vmware_darwin_amd64 \

&& chmod +x docker-machine-driver-vmware \

&& mv docker-machine-driver-vmware /usr/local/bin/

Start Minikube with the vmware driver
#minikube start –vm-driver vmware

  😄  minikube v1.2.0 on darwin (amd64)  
🔥  Creating vmware VM (CPUs=2, Memory=2048MB, Disk=20000MB) ... 🐳  Configuring environment for Kubernetes v1.15.0 on Docker 18.09.6 💾  Downloading kubeadm v1.15.0
💾  Downloading kubelet v1.15.0
🚜  Pulling images ...
🚀  Launching Kubernetes ... 
⌛  Verifying: apiserver proxy etcd scheduler controller dns
🏄  Done! kubectl is now configured to use "minikube"
Enable & Start Minikube dashboard:  
#minikube dashboard
 🔌  Enabling dashboard …
🤔 Verifying dashboard health …
🚀 Launching proxy …
🤔 Verifying proxy health …
🎉 Opening in your default browser…

Now the next time I start minikube it starts with the vmware driver

#minikube start
😄  minikube v1.2.0 on darwin (amd64)
⚠️  Ignoring --vm-driver=virtualbox, as the existing "minikube" VM was created using the vmware driver.
⚠️  To switch drivers, you may create a new VM using `minikube start -p <name> --vm-driver=virtualbox`
⚠️  Alternatively, you may delete the existing VM using `minikube delete -p minikube`

🔄  Restarting existing vmware VM for "minikube" ...
⌛  Waiting for SSH access ...
🐳  Configuring environment for Kubernetes v1.15.0 on Docker 18.09.6
🔄  Relaunching Kubernetes v1.15.0 using kubeadm ... 
⌛  Verifying: apiserver proxy etcd scheduler controller dns
🏄  Done! kubectl is now configured to use "minikube"

The Dashboard should open automatically in your browser

CLI quick Zoning for Cisco MDS vsan

VSAN Configuration Structure

VSAN databasevsan databaseswitch(config-vsan-db)#VSAN database
Zonezone name string vsan vsan-idswitch(config-zone)#Zone member
Zone setzoneset name name vsan vsan-idswitch(config-zoneset)#Zone set member
Fibre Channel Aliasfcalias name name vsan vsan-idswitch(config-fcalias)#Alias member

Create vsan

switch# config tEnters configuration mode.
switch(config)# vsan database switch(config-vsan-db)#Configures the database for a VSAN. Application specific VSAN parameters cannot be configured from this prompt.
switch(config-vsan-db)# vsan 2 switch(config-vsan-db)#Creates a VSAN with the specified ID (2) if that VSAN does not exist already.
switch(config-vsan-db)# vsan 2 name XXXX updated vsan 2switch(config-vsan-db)#Updates the VSAN with the assigned name (XXXX).

Configuring Zones and Zone Sets

Configuring an Alias

switch(config)# fcalias name AliasXXXX vsan 3
Configures an alias name (AliasXXXX).
switch-config-fcalias# member pwwn 10:00:00:23:45:67:89:abConfigures alias members based on the specified port WWN type and value (pWWN 10:00:00:23:45:67:89:ab).

Configuring Zones

switch(config)# zone name Zone1 vsan 3

Configures a zone called Zone 1 for the VSAN called vsan3.

Switch(config-zone)# member <type> <value>
pWWN example:
sswitch(config-zone)# member pwwn 10:00:00:23:45:67:89:ab
Configures a member for the specified zone (Zone1) based on the type (pWWN, fabric pWWN, FC ID, FC alias, domain ID, IP address, or interface) and value specified.
FC alias example:
switch(config-zone)# member ipaddress
Local sWWN interface example:
switch(config-zone)# member interface fc 2/

Creating Zone Sets

switch(config)# zoneset name Zoneset1 vsan 3
Configures a zone set called Zoneset1.
Tip To activate a zone set, you must first create the zone and a zone set.
switch(config-zoneset)# member Zone1Adds Zone1 as a member of the specified zone set (Zoneset1).
If the specified zone name was not previously configured, this command will return the Zone not present errormessage.
switch(config-zoneset)# zone name InlineZone1
Adds a zone (InlineZone1) to the specified zone set (Zoneset1).
Tip Execute this step only if you need to create a zone from a zone set prompt.
switch(config-zoneset-zone)# member fcid 0x111112
Adds a new member (FC ID 0x111112) to the newly created zone (InlineZone1).
Tip Execute this step only if you need to add a member to a zone from a zone set pr

Activating a Zone Set

switch(config)# zoneset activate name Zoneset1 vsan 3
Activates the specified zone set.

After creating a zone set and activating it make sure you save the configuration file.

Displaying Zone Information

show CommandDescription
show zoneDisplays zone information for all VSANs.
show zone vsan 1Displays zone information for a specific VSAN.
show zoneset vsan 1Displays information for the configured zone set.
show zoneset vsan 2-3Displays configured zone set information for a range of VSANs.
show zone name Zone1Displays members of a zone.
show fcalias vsan 1Displays fcalias configuration.
show zone member pwwn 21:00:00:20:37:9c:48:e5Displays membership status.
show zone statisticsDisplays zone statistics.
show zone statistics read-only-zoningDisplays read-only zoning statistics.
show zoneset activeDisplays active zone sets.
show zoneset briefDisplays brief descriptions of zone sets.
show zone activeDisplays active zones.
show zone statusDisplays zone status.
show zoneDisplays zone statistics.
show runningDisplays the interface-based zones.
  • Example Config
vsan database
vsan ####
vsan #### name XXX
no vsan suspend ####

fcalias name Mystorage vsan ####
member pwwn 50:06:01:66:36:e0:37:6b
member pwwn 50:06:01:6e:36:e0:37:6b
member pwwn 50:06:01:63:36:e0:37:6b
member pwwn 50:06:01:6b:36:e0:37:6b

zone name HostA1_Mystorage vsan ####
member pwwn 20:aa:08:25:b5:00:00:0f
member fcalias Mystorage

zone name HostB1_Mystorage vsan ####
member pwwn 20:aa:06:25:b5:b6:01:8f
member fcalias Mystorage

zoneset name MDS01 vsan ####
member HostA1_Mystorage
member HostB1_Mystorage

copy running-config startup-config

zoneset activate name MDS01 vsan ####

vsan database
vsan #### interface fc 1/1
vsan #### interface fc 2/1
vsan #### interface fc 1/2
vsan #### interface fc 2/2

zone commit vsan ####

All of the above information is avaialble from :https://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/storage/san_switches/mds9000/sw/san-os/quick/guide/qcg_zones.html