DD commands

Data Domain Commands

Commands matching “system”:
system option reset {login-banner} -Reset (to default) system options
system option set {login-banner } -Set login banner file
system option show – Show system options
system poweroff – Shutdown and turn off the power
system reboot -Shutdown and restart the server
system set date <mmddhhmm[[cc]yy]>Set the system clock
system show all – Show all the system information
system show date -Show the system clock
system show detailed-stats [stop start ([interval ] [count] )] -> Report more detailed system statistics
system show detailed-version – Show version and release information
system show hardware – Show hardware information
system show modelno – Show the hardware model number
system show nvram – Show system nvram
system show performance [raw fsop] [ {hr min sec} [ {hr min sec}]] -> Report system performance summary
system show ports – Show port information
system show serialno – Show the hardware serial number
system show stats [stop start ([interval] [count] )] -> Report system statistics
system show uptime – Show the time since a reboot
system show version – Show the system version
system status – Show system hardware status
system upgrade – Upgrade the software from the specified in the /ddvar/releases directory

Commands matching “disk”:
disk add enclosure Add a disk or an enclosure of disks to expand the filesystem
disk beacon . – Flash a disk identification LED
disk expand – Expand DD510 and DD530 storage capacity
disk fail . – Fail a disk and force reconstruction
disk multipath option show – Show multipath options
disk multipath option set monitor {enabled disabled} – Enable or disable multipath monitoring
disk multipath option reset monitor -Reset multipath monitoring
disk multipath reset stats – Clear statistics for all paths of all disks
disk multipath show history – Show multi-path events history
disk multipath show stats – Show statistics for all paths of all disks
disk multipath status [] – Show multi-path configurations and run time status
disk port show {stats summary} – Show disk port information
disk rescan – Rescan all disks to look for newly removed/inserted disks or luns
disk reset performance – Clear the disk performance statistics
disk show detailed-raid-info – Show detailed disk RAID configuration
disk show failure-history – Show disk failure history
disk show hardware – Show disk hardware
disk show performance – Show disk performance statistics
disk show raid-info -Show RAID configuration
disk show reliability-data – Show disk reliability information
disk status – Show disk status
disk unfail . – Unfail a disk and spare it


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