VMware vCenter 5.5 SSL Certificate 101

General Info:

SSL files which will be used in the process:

  1. .CRT – The actual certificate
  2. .CSR – Certificate Signing Request, this is required to generate the actual certificate .CRT
  3. .PEM – Privacy Enhanced mail – container for certificate, chain, key etc
  4. .KEY – This is a PEM formatted file containing just the private-key of a specific certificate

There are seven separate components in vCenter Server 5.5 that utilize certificates to encrypt communication

  1. SSO
  2. Inventory Service
  3. vCenter Server
  4. Web Client
  5. Log Browser
  6. Orchestrator
  7. Update Manager

Here is what we are gonna do:

  1. Download the SSL Automation tool
  2. Generate the CSR file
  3. Install & Configure Microsoft Certification Authority
  4. Generates the required certificates
  5. Generating PEM files
  6. Edit the SSL automation tool configuration file
  7. Update certificates & trust

KUDOS – http://sslvc101.blogspot.ie/  i had forgotten the pain

Source: VMware vCenter SSL Certificate 101


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