DellEMC VxBlock – Cisco UCS Ethernet Adapter Policy

David Ring

The following details the creation of a VxBlock Cisco UCS ‘Ethernet Adapter Policy’ for a compute B-Series blade running VMware ESXi. This policy is leveraged by a service-profile which gets associated with their respective compute blades.

Note: This guidance is based on vSphere 6.0

UCS Manager GUI

  1. From the UCS Manager GUI click on ‘Servers’ and navigate to Policies->root->Adapter Policies.
  2. Chose the option to ‘Add’ a new Ethernet Adapter Policy and provide a name & description (e.g VMQ-Default).ucs_eth_adpt_policy3
  3. Under Resources enter the following settings:

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The Vitual SAN host cannot be moved to the destination cluster

The Vitual SAN host cannot be moved to the destination cluster: destination cluster vim.ClusterComputeResource:domain-### is Virtual SAN disabled


To resolve the problem we did the following:



  1. From Storage inventory view in vCenter, verify a VSAN datastore still exists.
  2. If it does, Putty into the ESXi host or access it via its ESXi Shell & execute the command:
    esxcli vsan cluster get
  3. If results appear, proceed to the solution …


  1. From previous command line (SSH or ESXi Shell) to the affected host, execute the following command:
    esxcli vsan cluster leave
  2. Now add the host to the existing Host Cluster…

Both Verification and Solution steps together look like this: