Finding host bus adapter (HBA) World Wide Name (WWN)-PowerCLI


Get a list of all host HBA’s in a vcenter, showing :

  • Hostname
  • Device Type = Fibre Channel
  • Status
  • WWN


Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostHBA -Type FibreChannel | Select VMHost,Device,Status,@{N=”WWN”;E={“{0:X}” -f $_.PortWorldWideName}}

Adding the output to a file with the following:

Out-File Outputfile.txt




NSX (6.3.4) Controller Stuck at Deploying

Strange behaviour from NSX Manager once I started deployment of contollers.

The controller deployment was getting stuck in a deploying status, from the nsx manager it’s quite visible from the installation tab, from the cli you can check it’s progress or lack of it from the cli with :

#show controller list all

To resolve this I looked at :

  • Removing via VC web client, Network and Security, Installation, Under Management, select controller to delete or forcefully delete.
  • NSX manager  -reboot
  • vCenter – restarted services, – reboot
  • NSX API was the only way to remove the contoller

    To remove via the api :

  1. connected to nsx manger and get thhe controller-id                                    #https://nsxmgr-01/api/2.0/vdn/controllerScreen Shot 2018-01-31 at 11.51.01
  2. With the controller id and using the DELETE API


If there is only 1 controller you have to forcefully remove, forceRemoval=True